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Maggie-Sottero-Brinkley-Lynette-8MC651AC“My wedding gown was a romantic dream and throughout my wedding I felt special, classy and just a tinge sexy while supported by the fabulous fit and comfort of my beautiful dress” is what Maggie Sottero brides say.

Maggie-Sottero-Della-8MC750Maggie Sottero offers a wide variety of popular and eye-catching designs using lightweight fabrics with embellishments suited to each style.  Perfect for the modern, classic bride!

As the company’s core Collection, Maggie Sottero continually introduces new techniques like its recently added formwear that enhances the bride’s body shape.  These innovations are coupled with an ongoing passion for exquisite and artistic design.

Maggie Sottero is one of three Collections by Maggie Sottero Designs.

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