Sottero & Midgley

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Sottero-and-Midgley-Dakota-Dusty-8SC761-8SW673“My dress was unique, beautifully embellished and very luxurious.  Not only did I feel chic and glamorous, I also felt comfortable and supported by its fabulous fit” is what Sottero & Midgley brides say.

Sottero-and-Midgley-Phoenix-8SS785Sottero & Midgley is specifically designed for the chic bride who wants to make a couture statement.  Brides with discerning tastes and a love of high-end glamour whether understated or bling, can look forward to two Sottero & Midgley Collections each year.

Only the best and most luxurious fabrics with unique trims and a great variety of exquisite lace are used to create these masterpieces.

Sottero & Midgley is one of three Collections by Maggie Sottero Designs.

Should you wish to stock Sottero & Midgley, please contact Geddes Rose Bridal at

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